Sunday, January 31, 2010

Twitter, and the quest for more followers

This question was posted by a fellow UWIB member, and I thought my own observations about Twitter might help...

"I haven't figured out how to increase Twitter following. I googled it but it was no help. One article said to follow people connected to what you do. How do you find them?..."


I've found that Twitter, though it can be effectively used as a business tool, it is really just an interactive social micro blog. 
Twitter doesn't like when you use outside tools to increase your followers, and using them will eventually get your account suspended, especially the sites that auto tweet, DM or follow other tweeters for you. 

The best way to use Twitter is to just be yourself, tweet about what interests you, follow others who you find interesting and DON'T ONLY tweet about your business, new listings, sales... no one cares.
Start off by doing a search on a topic that interests you, and follow a handful of folk who post interesting tweets.
DON'T follow too many new people at once, Twitter will see that as suspicious activity and will suspend your account. 
How many is too many? Twitter doesn't say, but of the folk who've followed me and been suspended, I'd say the number is less than 300, but I wouldn't follow more than 20 at a time. The idea is to get to know people and grow your followers slowly.

I started by following other Cape Codders, folks here with UWIB, fellow web nerds, deal sites and funny people... ya gotta have funny people on your list. :)
See who other people you like are following. Don't worry about who's following you, at least in the beginning... it's about who YOU follow and interact with. If they're polite Tweeters, they'll follow you back, at least long enough to see if they connect with you. Then the ones that DO connect, will recommend you to others, respond and re-tweet your tweets... that's where you'll get quality followers.
Keep in mind, not many tweeters join Twitter to shop, but if they like you and connect with something you offer, you WILL get some sales... at the very least, you will get some exposure. 

I follow 600+ people and have 800+ followers. I have gotten a few sales from Twitter, and I have bought more than a few items that were shared by folk I follow. But mostly, I find Twitter to be a pleasant pass-time where I keep up with friends, make new ones, share some laughs, gain some ideas and inspiration and generally have a good time.

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Jamie said...

I use friend or follow to weed my followers. if they aren't following back or don't post regularly I unfollow. Twitter is fun but you can't take it toooo seriously!

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