Sunday, October 11, 2009

Weird and Wonderful

While doing a little window shopping through the land of Etsy, I came across some items that I would classify as "weird". I thought, why not do a weekly blog posting featuring a couple of weird things, balanced by a couple of "wonderful" finds. I hope you enjoy my picks. :)

First, here's something I found particularly weird. This print of a photograph shows a female adorned with a real octopus! I can only imagine how that felt, and my thought is, it didn't feel good. I wonder if they had to photo-chop the goose bumps off of her. Euwwwwwww!

Here's something wonderful... I love this original work of art, and here, it is applied to a framed tile. (you can also  purchase a full-sized print) I find this piece both haunting and beautiful.

 Now, this piece is definitely weird, but also cute as heck. ;) I'll let it speak (or smell) for itself...


Finally, this piece is a little odd, but it is oh so wonderful! I want to jump into this piece and frolic along with the wonderful creatures within. It's so fun. :)


I hope you've enjoyed my first W&W post. Please visit the artists (the pictures are linked) and come back next week for some new choices. :)


tamara! said...

linda, thanks so much for choosing my sea drawing as both weird AND wonderful! i love that designation. all these picks are great. i LOVE kristen's tile and that fart machine painting. and the octopus, omg! the image is beautiful but the thought of going through that is so icky. :)

A Painting a Day by Kristen Stein said...

Hi Linda! Thank you so much for featuring my collaborative work 'Spirit of Autumn Fire". Your picks are so fun! I LOVE the octopus photo. Amazing. I agree.....weird and wonderful! :) The 'farting machine' painting took me totally by surprise.

Thanks again for featuring me among such great picks!


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