Monday, February 28, 2011

Doin' up Something Green with the UWIB Blog Hop!

A bunch of the ladies over at UWIB - Unique Women in Business have put together their first monthly blog hop, and the theme for this month is "Something Green"... click through the list for some great posts!

and (unofficially) me...

Though I'm not officially a part of this month's hop (I didn't want to commit, and then find I didn't have the time to do the work), I'm happy to promote my fellow UWIB gals. :) So have a look at their blogs, and their "green" goodies.

While I'm at it, here are a couple of  greenies from my Etsy shop...

These adorable earrings feature re-purposed puzzle pieces

Not only is the color green part of these whimsical earrings, they ARE "green" by saving pieces from an incomplete puzzle that was headed for the trash...and they're so cute!

re-cycled vintage beads rings

Once again, "green" re-cycled beads, reclaimed from some broken vintage jewelry and refashioned into wire wrapped rings... more cuteness! ;)

Have a great day!


Karen Terry, Artist/Designer said...

You have such beautiful creations Linda!!! I love the puzzle piece earrings....also, I add you ;)

Anonymous said...

So beautiful! Puzzle pieces - green thinking for sure! Your vintage bracelet is gorgeous!

Bella Linda Designs said...

I love the puzzle piece earrings, too! Those are cool, Linda.

Glad you found time to blog hop with us! I'm following you...don't look now!

Life Is A Lark said...

Glad you hopped in. Love how you repurposed items to make fun and unique pieces.

capecodjewel said...

Thanks ladies!
Hey Linda, stop steppin' on the backs of my shoes! ;)

I <3 UWIB!
Linda :)

WellspringCreations said...

I'm glad you made it to the blog hop! Are those earrings 'jigsaw puzzle pieces'? CUTE and CLEVER!


capecodjewel said...

Yes, Judy, they are. :)
I picked out pieces of a puzzle that were close in colors, punched a hole in them, glazed them to make them water resistant and then wired them with complimenting beads to earwires...
and, voila! Fun puzzle earrings!

Kelly said...

I love the earrings, not only are they green but I believe they are prefect for Autism awareness ( correct me if I am wrong , but isn't their symbol a puzzle piece)

In any case, I will add you to the UWIB blog hop

SewDanish-Scandinavian Textile Art, Unique Handmade Supplies said...

I love your green puzzle piece earings. They are so much fun. I'm glad you found time to join in on the blog hop fun. I'm on my way over to add your link to my blog hop list :-)
Have a great day

Mary said...

how fun! i am also on the cape--glad to find you!

Anonymous said...

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